Multi-stations Transfer Feeding Press

  • Features
    1. 1.Fully automatic design from infeed to completed products, save manpower.
    2. 2.Two lanes of dies design enables the scroll sheets more cost-saving.
    3. 3.Humanize design, utilizing Plc Controller, easy to use.Self diagnostic feature provides maximum convenience for troubleshooting.
    4. 4.The function of ninth station for curling performance.
    5. 5.Automatic lubricating system.
  • User Friendly Control Unit

    The machine employs a high performance Plc Controller for maximum operation convenience,feeding length employs servo control with air-conditioning device, extend the electronic parts life time even longer.
    Multi-stations Transfer Feeding Press

    Automatic Infeed System

    The sheets feed in order, then servo motor controls the input length accurately, easy to operate.
    Multi-stations Transfer Feeding Press

    Tooling and Scrap Ejector

    Two lanes of dies and mechanical clip plus sensor control save more sheet and prevent the tooling from damage.
    Multi-stations Transfer Feeding Press