SJA-204 Automatic Blank Feed Robot

  • Features
    1. 1.Employed with a high automation robot for automatic picking up of blanks, and outfeed to the welding machine.
    2. 2.The machine uses an advanced Plc Controller, and all machine functions are clearly displayed on a screen.
    3. 3.Self diagnostic feature provides maximum convenience for troubleshooting.
    4. 4.Fully automatic operation. Easy to use.
    5. 5.The elevator traverses on high precision linear motion guides, ensuring extremely stable and smooth motions.

    Advanced PLC Controller With Screen Display

    The machine uses a high performance Plc Controller, giving maximum operation convenience. Its self diagnostic function makes troubleshooting quick and easy. All machine functions can be displayed on the control screen.
    1. 1. Automatic operation display.
    2. 2. Manual operation display.
    3. 3. Trouble and abnormal condition display.
    4. 4. Number of collected blanks display.
    Automatic Blank Feed Robot

    Blank Collecting Mechanism

    The slitted-to-size blanks are delivered to the blank collector. Tappers keep the blanks slapped neatly. The number of blanks to be stacked can be preset as needed. The blanks are separated by spacers, and delivered to the elevator separated from odd and even numbers of the spaced sheet stack.
    Automatic Blank Feed Robot

    Blank Outfeed Robot

    After being collected, the blanks are raised by the elevator to the bottom of the robot. The robot automatically picks up the blanks and feeds them to the welding machine. The slideways of the elevator are fitted with precision linear motion guides for extremely stable and smooth motions.
    Automatic Blank Feed Robot
  • Specifications
    Model Unit SJ-204 SJ-204A SJ-204B
    Range of can diameter 202D-307D 202D-307D 202D-307D
    Range of can height mm 76-240 76-240 76-240
    Range of sheet thickness mm 0.15-0.3 0.15-0.3 0.15-0.3
    Capacity per min cpm 700 700 700
    Horsepower required HP 5 5 5
    Floor space mm 5250x1435x2120 5500x2950x2200 7270x980x200
    Net weight(approx.) kgs 1250 1450 1400