SJA-616MA Automatic expanding spin-flanging machine

  • Features
    1. 1.The expanding mechanism produces accurate can shapes at a high production speed.
    2. 2.Straight line infeed and outfeed path for flexible motion control.
    3. 3.Powered elevation gives convenient adjustment for can height variation.
    4. 4.Specially designed transmission system for extremely smooth running and minimum wear on parts.
    5. 5.Fully automatic operation makes this machine ideal for online operation.
    6. 6.The parts that come in contact with the can bodies are hard chrome plated or coated with wear resistant media to prevent scratching.
    7. 7.Employs an imported Japanese Plc Controller, providing easy operation.
    8. 8.A forweard/reverse switch is provided for convenient running tests of the machine.
    9. 9.The can infeed stops automatically if abnormal motions occur.
    10. 10.Vertically mounted motor saves space.
    11. 11.Choice of various function combinations such as expanding, expanding-spin flanging, expanding-necking-spin flanging.