SJA-1012 Ends Roll Wrapper And Palletizer

  • Features
    1. 1.Fully Automatic system.
    2. 2.High Speed and High efficiency.
    3. 3.User friendly operation.
    Key function
    1. 1.Ends counting to the preset quantity.
    2. 2.Ends collecting and stacking.
    3. 3.Robot feeding to Shrinkage film packing Machine.
    4. 4.Automatic Heat Shrinkage film wrapping.
    5. 5.Automatic Empty Pallet positioning.
    6. 6.Robot collecting Ends roll and transporting onto pallet.

    High Speed & Precise Robot operation:

    Robot transporting and collecting the Ends in a roll.
    SJA-1012 Ends Roll Wrapper And Palletizer

    Shrinking film cutting and welding:

    Compact process and a two-roll film design saving the material of the shrinkage film.
    SJA-1012 Ends Roll Wrapper And Palletizer

    Palletizer system:

    Fully automatic system requiring only fork lifter to remove the pallet out of the production line.
    SJA-1012 Ends Roll Wrapper And Palletizer
  • Specifications
    Spec and Range: 200D ~700D
    Speed 4~5 end rolls per minute
    Type A Ends Roll length 750mm~1000mm
    Type B Ends Roll length 400mm~700mm
    Pallet Size range:1000mm X 1200mm
    Maximum Ends Roll Collecting height(with Pallet) 1200mm
    Floor Space(LxWxH) 5492mm X 6074mm X 1580mm
    Horsepower Required 5 KW
    Net Weight (approx.) 3700kg