SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

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    Coil Downender / Uncoil

    Complete with all electrical and hydraulic equipment for performing the required functions.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Power Coil Loading Cart

    3-Arm Centering Reel Handles coils up to 1828 mm in diameter, with standard weight capacity of 13.5 metric tons. Includes non-contact O.D. sensing for back tension control.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Material Inspection Unit / Two Flood Lit Inspection Mirror

    Includes automatic thickness gauge, pinhole detector, and two flood lit inspection mirrors for surface monitoring by operator. All reject signals fully integrated into system control.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Variable Speed Straightening Machine

    Equipped with two sets of pinch rolls. 16-roll straightening group, one overshot roll with large visual position indicator and an adjustable catenary to provide support for free loop of material.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Electric Drive Feeding & Cutting Off Machine

    Feed and cutoff machine produces lengths from 457mm to 1206mm, micro-adjustable in 0.025mm increments via electronic selection. Shear handles both straight-cut and scroll-cut dies.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Master Display Programming Panel

    Provides faster, easier setting of operating parameters, as well as accurate accounting and status of sheets. Simplifies operation and troubleshooting for the operator.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Sheet Stacking and Classification System / 4 Station Heavy Duty Stackers

    Automatically classifies and separates prime sheets from reject between prime piling stations when full stack count is reached. Provides continuous line operation until coil depleted.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Electric Panel with Air Condition

    With air conditioner, extend the panel lifetime even longer.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Motorized Gauge Table

    Measures both straight and scroll-cut sheets. Digital indicators with instant in/mm conversion allow valuable data to be collected for improving quality control.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Die Handing Cart

    Cart holds two dies, side by side
    1. 1.A place to accommodate the die being removed from shear.
    2. 2.Put die on the cart to insert into the shear.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Quick Die Change

    Enable the die change more faster, increase the capacity.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Thickness Gauge System

    To ensure the correct thickness
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Pin hole Detector

    To eliminate the defective sheet, more reassuring of the quality.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Carbide Cutting Die (Straight or Scroll Die)

    We supply various dies upon your request.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System

    Discharge and Rail Transport Automaticallty

    Discharge and rail transport automatically after full pallet.
    SJA-3028 Scroll Sheeting System
  • Specifications
    Direction of Feed Right to Left
    Plate Thickness Range 0.125mm to 0.525mm
    Strip Width Range 600mm to 1250mm
    Sheet Length Range 600mm to 1175mm
    Maximum Coil weight 13.5 Metric Tons
    Coil I.D. Nominal 420mm
    Arbor Expansion Range 385mm to 445mm
    Maximum Coil O.D. 1830mm
    Minimum Coil O.D. 915mm
    Maximum Bundle Stack Height 460mm Maximum Stack Height Over A 85mm Pallet
    Line Speed Range 50 to 150 sheets per/min(60 meters per/min)
    Maximum Bundle Weight 2270 kgs
    Cutting Length Tolerance +- 0.18mm
    Sheet Length Tolerance and production All cutsheets are guaranteed with A center line dimension deviation of no more than 450mm to 835mm sheets can be cut at a rate of up to 150spm. 836mm to 1175mm sheets can be cut at a rate of up to 125meters per minute.