SJA-801 Automatic Double Seamer

  • Features
    The Automatic Double Seamer is designed to seam can bodies and caps. The can body infeed and separation, and can cap infeed, is automatically performed. The seaming operations are quickly and securely accomplished by the consecutive roll seaming operations. This series of seamer is especially ideal for big cans.
  • Specifications
    Model Unit SJA-801S SJA-801A
    Head 3H 6H
    Range of can diameter 401~715D 401~715D
    Range of can height mm 100~225 100~225
    Capacity per min cpm 80~100 15~200
    Horsepower required HP 71/2 71/2
    Floor space (LxWxH) mm 2320x1750x2350 2320x1750x2350
    Feed height mm 1000 1000
    Discharge height mm 1000 1000
    Net weight(approx) kgs 3150 3400
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